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I'm currently based in Sheffield having spent several years living in Amsterdam, and before that ten years in London. I chose Sheffield because of the thriving Buddhist community in Walkley. I was given the name Sanghagita in 2014; my Buddhist name means "she whose song is of the Sangha".

I was born in New Brighton, a little Victorian sea-side town over the water from Liverpool. My love of swing and jazz came from sitting under my dad's piano in the front room while he played and sang all those lovely old songs. My dad, grandad and uncle Terry had been in a dance band together in 1950s Liverpool, and my dad continued to play and sing until the day he died.

But the wriIMG_0626ting of my own music only came recently, when I was staying in a lonely top floor room of a canal house in Amsterdam. And then came a flood of songs which I sang in squat bars and open mic sessions. I write and sing about the important things in life: connection and disconnection; love and family. My songs come from my own experience, ranging from painful family relationships to themes relating to my children to the joy of lifelong friendship. My need for connection is expressed in my relationship with my audience, in those moments when a group of strangers connect, and that is why I sing my songs.

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Performing and teaching


I love singing my songs with the band; their arrangements of my songs are exactly what I had in mind when I wrote them, and I love the harmonies with Jon. And also there is something about standing up and opening my heart to a roomful of strangers which is so challenging, but at the same time it is wonderful to experience this kind of connection.

Pureland Jazz

I sing with Jonathan Draper on keyboards, and Moggy on double bass in Pureland Jazz. See us perform at various venues around Sheffield - a great selection of Jazz standards and some of my own songs with a Jazz twist. Contact me to book the band.

Singing lessons

I use a mixture of traditional teaching techniques, mindfulness and bodywork to help you to connect with your own sound, and with gentle support and lots of encouragement the voice emerges all of its own accord. It's a joyful process and lots of fun! More info below.


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Pureland Jazz


Playing alongside Terry Gallagher in Pureland Jazz are:

Jonathan Draper
Jonathan Draper has lived in Sheffield for most of his life, where he makes a living teaching and performing music. You can hear the classical poise in his playing, in jaw-droppingly fluid jazz piano and improvisation. He enjoys the creativity of the trio's collaboration in the arrangements of Terry's songs, especially creating smooth vocal harmonies; their voices weave together so beautifully. Jonathan has a real passion for the work of Cole Porter and for the classic songs from the American Songbook. With Pureland Jazz he gets to perform original songs and all those fabulous songs we all know and love so well.

Also from Sheffield, Moggy's musical career started as resident double bass player for the legendary One-Eleven Jazz Club. There he rubbed shoulders with names such as Joe Locke, Polar Bear, Dave O'Higgins and Protect The Beat. Since then he has consistently been in demand, touring extensively around the world appearing on over 60 international selling albums, 4 major film scores, and 2 best selling console game scores. He has racked up quite an impressive c.v. over the last ten years of his career - but his mum still insists on calling him Stephen.

Singing lessons

Early in 2014 a group of friends did a fundraiser for me so that I could go on a long Buddhist retreat. It was a skills auction and my offer was to help people to sing. I ended up with a group of people who had 'won' singing lessons with me and it turned out to be the best fun I'd had in years! People enjoyed it so much that I thought it might be a way I could earn my living, so I recently took the plunge and started to advertise. I quickly found that there are so many people who are blocked, who would love to sing but need just a bit of encouragement and guidanc11665645_720555444757352_5875280716071225_ne. It seems I can do that really well, and again and again people come to me scared and shy and leave feeling a foot taller having sung their hearts out. I love it!

I use a mixture of traditional teaching techniques, mindfulness and bodywork to help you to connect with your own sound, and with gentle support and lots of encouragement the voice emerges all of its own accord. It's a joyful process and lots of fun!

I keep the fee down because I want people to be able to afford it. And the first session is free so you can be sure you've come to the right place. Group sessions are now available too. Find out more at blueskysinging.co.uk